Thursday, August 27, 2009

Avoid purchasing certain Canon printers and all Dell printers

For some reason, Canon printers will not let you use a standalone black cartridge. Without a color cartridge, you are out of luck. Another problem is that most new Canon printers are sold as a package deal:

-USB cord
-Color ink
-Black ink

In buying new ink cartridges, you're spending more than $10 more than you have to when making a printer package purchase.

In the past, I had an HP printer that allowed me to use black ink. On a Canon Printer, the orange light will flash, stating that you have to change the color ink. It's really frustrating because I need to print some documents. I will never buy another Canon printer again.

Dell printers are also a waste too. They are not compatible with Macs. Dell printers and computers are a waste of money. Don't trust their physical designs. Avoid Canon printers and Dell printers. Trust me. They will take up unnecessary space.

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  1. an updated machine to the Lexmark C510 to enable Lexmark to gain some market share in the higher volume colour printing environment. This colour laser printer has also been batched by IBM as som many Lexmark printers are. There are currently no remanufactured replacement drum units available only the toner cartridges.