Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just had an epiphany

I just realized that people don't care about writing, stories, ways to prevent bad decision making, and positive things. There are many resources out there to help people defeat their writing problems, but they would rather make excuses and complain.

The Broke Ass Bride blogspot.com website attracts huge site traffic. Many of the followers are women that are either planning to get married, are going to attend a wedding, and that are helping out with another wedding. Web surfers are most likely visiting the site to find out ways to save money on weddings, how to survive with limited funds, and in looking for advice to plan for a wedding. Maybe I'm tapping into the wrong market.

I have written many quality articles, focusing on ways to improve writing skills. Although I have the ability to write about many diverse subjects, I decided that sharing writing techniques would attract interest. In many discussion forums, many students have voiced their concerns about writing, procrastination, and interest level problems. People are not interested in improving their writing skills.

What I came to realize is that spending money, getting married, materialism, and seeking attention is what drives people. The most popular Internet searches are ones that involve celebrities. People spend a majority of their time criticizing celebrities and others on imdb.com. The other half of the time is wasted on YouTube.com, where web surfers enjoy making comments adverse comments on videos and talking nonsense.

Negativity makes the world go around. Without criticism, the world would just sit still. I will continue to post articles to help students and others aspiring writers out with their problems because I want to contribute to making the world a better place.

People focus too much on unimportant things that have nothing to do with making their lives better. I see it too often in society - the size of a diamond, the type of car one drives, having expensive homes, how much money another has, traveling destinations, and the careers people have. Whatever the case is, I hope that I can inspire you to accomplish your goals.

This is my 100th blog!

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