Monday, August 10, 2009

Decode Your Dreams by Jenni Kosarin

Have you ever wondered why you dream, what dreams symbolize, and whether dreams are an accurate depiction of your inner psych? Jenni Kosarin's Decode Your Dreams gives you a chance to be a dream investigator. The book has a soft, soothing feel to it, along with a nice stylish cover featuring dream symbols.

Kosarin taps into the exciting, and mysterious world of dreams. Once you open her book, your waking journey will immediately begin. Dreams will no longer be just nightly and confusing occurrences. You will learn to have more control within your dreams, applying dream techniques to your waking life that can help you resolve conflict and to cope with struggles.

Kosarin taps into lucid, precognitive, power, esp, healing, and many other types of dreams. The book includes real-life patient dream accounts, which gives the reader the ability to understand the source of dreams and to further apply the knowledge into their waking life.

Every writer, psychologist, and student should have a copy of Jenni Kosarin's Decode Your Dreams. In understanding the meaning of dreams, one will have the ability to live a more healthy and spiritual life.

Kosarin believes that dream analysis is "more powerful than any therapy in the world."

Keep a journal of your dreams; research your dreams to gain a better understanding of your life.

Barnes & Nobles is currently selling Jenni Kosarin's Decode Your Dreams for $6.98. If you purchase more than $25 worth of merchandise, shipping is free. Make sure to click on the "packaging fewest" option.

Decode your Dreams at Barnes & Noble

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