Wednesday, August 26, 2009

City construction keeping everyone up

Is there a better time to pound on the pavement than in the middle of the night? Construction workers have been working on the road for the past two nights. They are reconditioning the road in the early AM hours.

Looks like the construction will be a long process. The road is completely torn apart. Whenever the jackhammers start to pound on the ground, the entire floor shakes and rattles. It almost feels like an earthquake. Residents are probably restless right about now. I don't blame them if they are mad about now.

Writing in the waning hours of the night has its advantages. The noise doesn't bother me because I'll wait until right after the construction crew ceases work in the morning to sleep.

The construction stopped for a minute. I'm going to get back to writing. Hopefully you're not one of the residents trying to sleep through this construction storm.

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