Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The truth about depression

Depression is a serious medical condition. People fall into a depressive state-of-mind are prone to inflicting harm on others and themselves. It is common for people to feel down about life. Financial distress and relationship struggles can attract negative energy, making life seem worthless. Any person that falls into depression must seek professional help. Having thoughts of suicide may lead one to carrying out the act. A depressed person shouldn't worry about what others think about their condition. Some people identify depression as being mental disturbed.
Depression can cause other mental disorders to surface. Why should a person experiencing depression take immediate action?

There are time where I felt depressed about my situation. I have gone through many unfortunate hardships. The last 15 years have taken a toll on me - physically and mentally. I found myself being depressed at times, but that was a situational feeling. While I was depressed, the feelings were not serious enough that I would contemplate suicide. I did feel fatigued, experienced short memory loss, and struggled to make it out of the emotional quicksand. There are people that have severe depression that requires professional help.

The medical diagnosis of depression is a person that is chronically feeling sadness, fatigue, worthlessness, and hopelessness; their thoughts cause physical and mental deterioration. Essentially, depressed people have chronic bouts with feeling worthless, being unhappy and resentful, and sometime question their will to live. A person should pay careful attention to a person that is emotionally down.

The economy has crushed the dreams of millions of people. Greedy executives exhausted poor decision making, which evaporated retirement accounts and ignited the current economy downturn. Imagine a person working to retirement, only to find out their retirement account has been depleted and is not enough for survival.

Living life can be depressing. I feel depressed for people that are homeless, lonely, and that have to struggle to make a living. Rich people can also experience depression because they feel the pressure to meet social expectations. Don't be fooled that the rich and famous are always happy and upbeat. Celebrities have found comfort in abusing drugs and alcohol because of their depression. What causes people to become depressed?

Many people find depression because they place a time limit on accomplishing dreams. I have heard stories where a person set a date to realize their dream or commit suicide. While that is extreme, a person has to be aware of the signs and symptoms that accompany depression.

I used to work at a restaurant serving customers. One cashier enjoyed his job. He used to mention how much he valued life. After work, I used to walk down to the bus stop, which was a few miles from the restaurant. One day, the coworker stopped and offered me a ride. He seemed really excited about his future and his job. A week later, he lost his job for tossing a tray of drinks on another. After a week, I heard that he committed suicide in a garage. It was a tragic event because he was only 20 years old. He had his whole life ahead of him.

When a person is depressed, they want to escape life. Depressed people don't attach value to the future. Because of hopelessness, depressed people detach from people, falling into a lonely trap of mental decay. Don't mock depressed people because of their condition; be admirable in helping them to regain their positive life back. Depression is not a joke. It is not a disease that is irrecoverable. What can a depressed person to treat their condition?

Depression is curable with therapeutic treatment and intervention. Christian counseling - without prayer - has been known to be useful in curing depression. In using prayer, a patient may attach negative feelings and blame God for their misery. Talking to depressed people and making them feel of value is also a good method to improving and possibly reversing their condition. Don't let a depression person be alone, isolating themselves from society. A depressed person may ask how they can get back their positive feels.

With everything in life, patience is the golden key. People that rush results are more prone to developing depression and other mental disorders. Being patient will help people from becoming depressed. In essence, people hurry and never stop to slow down. I have always been thoughtful for helping others. My purpose in life is to make sure others are happy. When you have a moment, do something nice for another person. It doesn't have to be a physical gift. Talk, be nice, don't judge, and try to prevent depression from harming people.

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