Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do Aliens Exist?

We live in a culture that is both open-minded and close-minded. Religion and science clash when the two forums are parlayed with the creation of the universe and living organisms. It would be impossible to determine a realistic truth to the beginning of time. Questions can go on forever, with no end in sight. Religion has graced the presence of this planet for thousands of years. Scientists have conducted research through studying artifacts, molecular substances, and devising solar system models using specimens and visual evidence. Many people claimed to have seen Aliens. Though most of the accounts involve UFO's, there is reason to believe that science and religion are both wrong.

In the ancient time, artists painted UFO's and Aliens. Of course, this was well before media manipulation and influence. The affluent artworks were placed in museums to explore the possible truth of Alien existence. In one certain painting, a man is seen pointing at some flying object in the sky. The paintings are circa 1500's. Cave paintings have drawings of man worshipping abnormal entities.

Scientists are unable to determine how Egyptians built pyramids. What makes the situation strange is the first flying apparatus was not built until the 1700's. Architect plans for gliders and other flying devices were carried out and then tested in the 18th century. Planes were not constructed until the 20th century. What was a flying saucer doing in a 16th century painting?

Religion and science will deny man of the truth. Many people will believe that there is no such thing as Aliens. Scientology chronicles the creation of man as an embodiment of Aliens. Can one really identify Scientology as a religion or even a form of spirituality? Alex Groyas's Knowing touched on the subject of Angel/Alien depiction. What is the truth? Should people believe in science of continue to trust religion?

Religion has always succeeded the study of science. The Church used to persecute scholars for questioning the institution of religion, especially with ambiguous teaching of science. The world was once thought to be flat. In the years to follow, that notion proved to be wrong. Do scientists really think that life beyond Earth is impossible? Their research is speculation of theories, evidence, and clues. Religion bases the creation of life and the universe on God. Do Aliens really exist?

People should analyze paintings, drawings, writing, and old monuments. Looking into the past will help one understand the future. Religion and science will continue to conflict the creation of the universe and life. There are infinite possibilities to the beginning of time. One can experience headaches trying to question the creator of the creator and so forth.

A close-minded person will reject Alien life. Close-minded people will look at the facts. A neutral person bases their beliefs off of visual evidence. There has to be life outside of this planet. People will question life using evolution and God. What makes Earth so special? Do Aliens exist? Only time can tell before man finds out the truth.

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