Sunday, July 26, 2009

The possible reason people become teachers

While hanging out a college four years ago, I talked to another student about screenwriting. The student was interested in hearing about writing. He told me to continue writing and don't accept less in life.

I mentioned whether it would be be good to teach writing to others. He made a reference regarding teaching. He said that, "Teaching is for people that failed at accomplishing their dreams." What he suggested is that instead of abandoning their goals, people decided to teach others to live their dreams.

Also, before the student left, he told me to not imitate other writers. He said it was best to develop my own style of writing. He told me to avoid teaching because then I would accept failure. No disrespect to any hardworking teachers that help to educate millions of students each year, but the student made me think about the reason a person becomes a teacher.

Should teachers be looked as people that failed at accomplishing their dreams? Do people that fail at accomplishing their dreams take on teaching because they still want to remain in their field of interest? Do teachers really enjoy their jobs? Would a teacher leave their job if they had another chance at living their dream? Do teachers dream to teach in school?

However one looks at the analogy, the student brought up an important point.

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