Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book Hug, Book Holder - keep book pages open and reduce neck strain

Have you ever struggled with keeping a book open? Did your pages start turning on their own?

Last week, I tried to write a book review. The book pages kept turning and I couldn't get them to stay in place. I started to get frustrated. I put my wallet and another book in place to keep the pages from turning. I'm sure that many other people have experienced the same problem.

Today, I walked into Barnes & Nobles to browse around. They always have a cool selection of books, office supplies, organizers, and art supplies. I found a Book Hug, Book Holder.

The unbreakable steel item holds your book open. Prop the book on the holder to keep the book open and at reading level. Imagine how easy the Book Holder will make reading books.

Whenever we have problems, another person experiences the same exact issues. A person invented a book holder to make it easy for people to keep the book pages open and to prevent neck problems.

I can now read a book without getting a stiff neck. As a freelance writer, the Book Hug, Book Holder keep me working - it reduces neck strain and prevents frustrating page turns.

The cost of the holder is $12.95. If you're a student or a person that enjoys reading books, I would highly recommend the Book Hug, Book Holder.

Have fun reading with your
New Book Hug, Book Holder.

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  1. Or, you can get the BookHug for $12.45 (as well as many other book stand designs) at
    As a book author myself, I use the book stands from to display my books at book signings, festivals and exhibits. And, I use them as give aways to get retailers to display my books prominently near their cash register.
    Sue Freeman