Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Runway Model

Around 12 years ago, I heard - on the radio - that a popular San Francisco hotel was holding a free acting seminar. Since my goal was to be an actor, I decided that I would make the drive to the city.

I lived about 50 miles away from the location.When I arrived there, I parked in a parking garage that I was most familiar with, which was near Union Square.

The hotel was busy; many eager people waited in the lobby and near the conference room. They were excited about hearing the guest speaker discuss potential acting gigs. I sat in the middle, next to the right side - near the edge of the wall. I had a good view of the stage.

The speaker talked about what agents and agencies were looking for in performers. I listened and took mental notes about what it would take to realize my dream. The seminar allowed me to gain a perspective of what it would take to be an actor.

I had already studied theater arts and acting for television. It was time to make the transition into the film industry.

At this exact moment, the film industry was a goal of mine for the past 3 years. I was still serving in the Air Force as a medical technician. I would be separating from the service in four months thereafter.

After the seminar, I talked to the speaker about his acting experience and what he did to get voice-overs, acting for television and film jobs, and how he made it on Broadway.

During the conversation, a small person, a 5'0 male asked where he could get literature for modeling. He said that he was interested in being a runway model. I tried to keep from laughing.

Mostly women want to be runway models. If males take on modeling gigs, they are usually 6'0 or taller. The speaker told the the guy that height wasn't on his side. What made the situation funny was the fact that this guy was really serious about being a runway model.

The guy made himself believe that he actually had a chance. If you transformed him into a female, he would still would have been several inches too short to be a runway model.

The acting seminar proved that there are diverse people in the world that hope for bigger things in life, even if they want to be a 5'0 male runway model.

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