Monday, July 20, 2009

How to start writing academic papers as a form of employment

As a writer, many people ask how I am able to write a dozen student projects within a given time. You can train yourself to write. A few years ago, I struggled to produce academic projects.

Besides writing screenplays and creative writing pieces, the routine academic essays, term papers, midterm and final exams, and research papers caused me headaches.

Film papers allowed students to share their subjective opinions, but instructors seemed to mark off points because they had different view.

If you want to master academic writing, you should practice writing. The more you write, the better you become. Some people would never think of writing academic papers as a way to make money. There is demand for such work. Many websites are looking to hire writers to do such work.

Google, "Hiring Academic Writers." Though, before you decide to apply as an academic writer, it would be best to prepare yourself first.

You should sign up for a few of those databases that give you access to many diverse articles. If you don't have a library account, sign up for one. Take advantage of the library website, which contains many valuable resources, including articles, newspapers, PDF files, and magazines. Purchase widely used books from Amazon. Sometimes you can find some for very cheap. Communication, government, film, psychology, art and business books are most popular.

Strengthen your citing skills. APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian are accepted citing guidelines in an academic forum. Out of the group, APA and MLA are most widely used. Purchase the most up-to-date writer's handbook. As an academic writer, you have to be familiar with proper citing because you don't want to plagiarize.

Visit your local office supply store. Walmart also has good office supplies as well. Buy writing tablets, organizer notebooks, pens, a stapler, highlighter, and any other usual supplies that you feel will make writing more efficient.

Before you apply, try a test run. Develop some random topic that confronts a specific issue. You will gain experience in writing academic papers, but try to avoid placing yourself in a stressful environment without first understanding what is expected of you.

Barnes & Nobles has good books on procrastination, writing academic essays, research papers, and other valuable material. Always try to stock up on things that you may need in the future. Know where the local libraries are and take advantage of bookstore sales.

The most important process of being an academic writer is being confident about writing. Don't take on too much work. Give yourself time to gain experience without losing your mind in the process. Becoming a good writer is something that take time. There will be times when a student may dislike your writing. Be able to accept criticism; use it as fuel to better your writing skills.

Once you have been writing for awhile, ask for higher rates. Purchase one of those freelance writing books on how to become a good freelancer. There is always demand for good writers. Try to be orginal - develop your own writing voice. Good luck on writing and most importantly, have fun.

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