Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Mystery of A Spoiled Person

What causes a person to become spoiled? Essentially, people are spoiled because it was a learned trait. In childhood, some kids get everything they want while others don't. Think about it for a second. Take for instance; a kid that always gets everything they want goes through life with high expectations. On the opposing side, another kid never got anything they wanted out of life. Both experiences can cause a person to become spoiled.

Instead of understanding that it takes hard work to earn things, they just want to rush everything. Both of these types of personalities are high maintenance. No matter what one does, it will never be enough. Everything will be based on what you can give them.

When you were a kid, don't you ever wonder why you didn't receive all the gifts that you asked for? There was a reason for it. Parents wanted to keep you from becoming spoiled. Depending on what generation a kid grew up in, they have have whined about not getting an Atari, Nintendo, PlayStation, bike, toys, and whatever else made them feel happy. They may have complained to their parents about what they never get. These kids may think that they have bad parents.

Parents may try to explain that they have to keep food on the table and clothes on their back. These children may see other kids roaming around the block with a new bike, clothes, and other gadgets. What does this do to kids that don't receive everything they want? Do they become bitter? Sometimes these people try harder to get the things they want out of life. They know that if they work hard the rewards will eventually follow.

There are many relationships based on what one can do for the other. Emotional support and kindness is not as valuable as it used to be. Women find diamonds, purses, and cars to be romantic. Men look for physical beauty more than intelligent women. What has happened to society?

The workplace adopts the same type of practices. A nice looking woman receives immediate assistance while an average looking female must work like a slave. The same theory applies to everything in life. People will base the value of a person on their financial worth. Some women may reject a guy because he doesn't have money or the physical attributes that satisfies their needs. A spoiled person is one that is never happy for the nice things that one does for them.

You can spend a million dollars supporting them, but if it's no in the shape of a possession, then you ridiculed for not being more attentive. When the time comes, they will disregard everything you have done for them. What measures do you take you keep a spoiled person happy?

You want to solve this issue? When you travel, take trips to new places. If you keep going to the same recurring places, the other person will eventually complain that you never take them anywhere. Would you rather go to Las Vegas 10 times or take a memorable trip to Europe for a month? I'm confident that you would want to experience Europe instead of seeing the same hotels, slot machines, and buffets.

If a guy plans to propose, spend time thinking about it. Make sure you buy a ring they like. Don't trust when they say they like what you got them when in fact they really hate it. Do some planning; always listen to their hints and pay attention what they want. You will then find it easy to make the right decisions the first time around. The last thing you want to hear in the future is about how worthless you are for not making them happy. Always save money for the special occasions. Don't waste too much time and money on little things. Compare these moments to that of your own life.

Do you remember everything that happened in your life? I'm sure that many people don't remember every nice person they met, but they surely remember the bad ones. Conflict stays in your mind like a recurring nightmare. Everything in life is best remembered through the great and the bad moments. Spoiled people only remember what you buy or what you can do for them.

You could buy a spoiled person many nice things, go to a variety of small places, and take them to lavish dinners all the time. What does those moments translate into if you don't get them what they want? If you don't have a good job, home, nice car, and financial security, you are asking for a lifetime of poor treatment. How could you prevent a spoiled person from making your life miserable?

Don't rely on a spoiled person to make decisions for you. If you're in college, don't stay there because you want to keep your significant other company. When you take a decade to complete school, they will think you're a loser for taking so long. Even if they took the same amount of time to complete their studies, it really doesn't matter. You will still be looked as a person that is unwilling or unable to provide for them. Think about every decision that will impact your future. Make the right decisions the first time around to avoid future problems.

The majority of fighting takes place because the other person doesn't understand what it takes to finance these high priced items. They try to compare you to other successful people. Essentially, spoiled people base your success off of making expensive purchases. Would you rather buy thousands of dollars worth of jewelry or pay for living expenses? Should a guy complain about the way his girl treats him? The same applies for a woman as well. What does it take to make a spoiled person happy?

The only thing that matters to a spoiled person is what they want. They make excuses, especially with ones that involve working hard to obtains their wants. A spoiled person will always defer blame and never accept responsibility for their actions. Whenever a person makes a reference, a spoiled person will take it as an insult.

People are not as independent as they used to be. Nowadays, people expect others to hold their hand and guide them through life. What causes a person to become spoiled? They worry about things that are out of your control. Instead of looking for the nice things you do, spoiled people focus too much on what everyone does. Every person lives a different life. Clearly, there is no way to understand what makes a spoiled person happy when they don't even know themselves.

A spoiled person focuses too much on the the external elements and avoids the internal processes. Because other people go on trips, have a home, or the ability to make expensive purchases, they immediately assume that they have better luck. They may even mention that some people are just lucky. How does that make a person feel when they do everything in their power to care for a spoiled person. A person that is unable to meet the expectations of a spoiled person should find an immediate solution.

The next time you're having a fight over what you can't afford and want to get them, think about what it will take to avoid these confrontations. Essentially, you made poor decisions that caused this problem. You can even look as far back as first time you met them. If you're on a date, pay attention to what the dates says, what their wearing, and the way they behave.

More times than often, a guy that is financially struggling - to make a living - is not going to be able to satisfy the needs of a girl that has a Burberry or a Louis Vitton purse. They are swimming in a shark-infested region, which will surely cause them to experience future problems.

When you compliment another person, pay attention to their response. If they don't thank you, but instead try to make you feel sorry for them; this is another good indicator of a spoiled person. They are needy people that require attention.

Try to slip some random questions in there. Don't over analyze everything. Always try to listen to them. There is a difference between the two processes. Listening requires internal processing while hearing is partial listening, which commonly attracts outside influences.

Living a life with spoiled person is really not that fun unless you make the right decisions early on to prevent a lifetime of suffering. Think about what you want out of life. Don't let a spoiled person tell you what they think you should do to make them happy. There is a strong chance that they don’t even know what makes them happy.

You can survive with a spoiled person, but be prepared to go on a roller coaster ride filled with never-ending obstacles. Be assertive, smart, and don't let a spoiled person prevent you from enjoying your life.

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