Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Psychology of Writing

With anything in life, the more you practice, the better to become at it. I learned to expand my writing skills through mental conditioning. For the past 15 years, I wanted to write films in Hollywood. I am aware that you have to make sacrifices to accomplish goals. However long it takes to accomplish a goal, you have to be positive.

As a freelance writer, I learned about what it takes to become a great writer. Life experiences, practical skills, and mental conditioning helped me to move closer to my ultimate goal. The psychology of writing will help you discover what internal processes keep you from writing academic papers, evaluations, professional projects, and anything else that requires writing skills.

At one time, I disliked academic writing. The only time I enjoyed writing is when I wrote screenplays and creative writing pieces. While in film school, I remembered struggling on a critical essay for an advanced film analysis class - half of the people failed the course. The teacher was very stern. Each week I visited her office and asked her how she would write the paper. I was tired of getting F's on the papers. She gave me advice, which I used to write the next paper. There were five total papers that confronted the plot devices in films. Students were struggling to the point where they were unable to sleep.

After all the hard work I put in that class, I got a D. That was the worst grade that I have ever earned. It was enough to pass the course, which the Film Department considered to be a boot camp. After that moment, I would have never thought that I would be writing academic and professional papers for many diverse students. I managed to learn what it takes to become a good writer through developing writing techniques and training my mind to enjoy it. I helped many students earn A's on a variety of papers. There is a reason for every event. The process of writing requires psychological conditioning.

Many people lose focus because of negative psychological thinking. They tend to think that life never goes as planned and they will never be able to accomplish any goals. Never use failures as an excuse to accomplish your goals. Identify your failures as a way to improve your weaknesses.

Always stick to a positive frame of thinking. Many people find writing to be a challenging process. Think of writing as brain enrichment. Researchers suggest that when people expose themselves to a positive environment, their brain can grow. Poor psychosocial conditions are what essentially cause people to develop mental disorders. In simple terms, a person that allows society to influence their way of living is giving into the social influences, which in result causes psychological problems.

How can you become a better writer? Should you read books on how to write? Would it be wise to major in writing? Some people suggest that a person needs talent to be a writer. You want to know what it takes to become a good writer?

Tell yourself that you want to be a good writer. Don't only visualize yourself writing, take the time to actually write. Schedule the activities that you enjoy most. This way, you get into a rhythm of meeting deadlines. Writing is not like a job. Continue to tell yourself that and don't lose focus on your main goal. Because if you want to complete an essay or a 20 page research paper, try to take on the assignment over a period of time and avoid doing it the night before.

At first writing will seem like a job. Maybe even an unbearable act of torture. Respect writing for what it really signifies - your way of communicating to a specific audience. Compare your current writing to some sample from the past. As you begin to write in volume, your mind is able to process information more efficiently.

Sometime you're amazed at how fast your brain processes words. When you write, you question how your mind is able to prepare the next word. Your subconscious senses process content at a rate that exceeds 11 million words per minute. A conscious mind is able to listen at a rate of 850 words per minute. On the opposing side, an average speaker can deliver 150 words a minute. People assume that communicating is a process that requires more speaking than listening.

Listening is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills. Why do people mentally struggle to write? There are many that hate writing because they refuse to listen. Have you ever sat at your computer and just stared in space? You glance at the clock and notice that you have 5 hours before class starts. You have no clue about what you're going to write. Your stress level is off the charts. The only thing you're thinking about is what excuses you will make to your instructor. If you listened in class the writing process would be much more efficient.

Writing is more of a psychology issue than anything else. Try to read content that relates to assignment. This will increase your interest level, which will allow you to write more effectively without losing focus. Time management and communication skills are two of the most useful processes that allow a person to avoid psychological hang-ups that influence the writing process.

Bookstores have many books on writing. You can pay a person to write your papers. Are you really learning? If you don't want to work as a writer, then you can pay a writer to produce your work. In this day and age, people can pay another person to do all of their work and earn a degree in the process.

When that person is recruited or hired to perform a job, they struggle with the basic components of the position. Because they elected to avoid writing their own papers, they managed to miss important information regarding their career field.

Writing books are interesting to read. There is some valuable content that is sure to help a person write. No one book, person, entities can push you to write except your mind.

As time goes on, I will share what helps me to write. I have written many papers. In the past year, I have written more academic and professional papers than a dozen people would do in a lifetime. I always find the revision process the best strategy in improving the quality of writing.

When most people write, they tend to overwrite. They use excessive quotes to can add more content to the paper. Why do instructors want students to quote? Quoting allows a student to analyze multiple sources to make a point, or possibly support their thesis.

Next time around - when you have to write - tell your mind that you want to write because you enjoy the process. Try to avoid distractions. If you have to, visit the nearby coffee shop. Purchase your favorite drink, sit down, and focus. Think about what makes you excited to so things you enjoy most.

I would suggest buying one of those Gold Fibre project-planning books at Walmart. Organize your thoughts, prepare outlines, and take notes. Essentially, these practices will help you to defeat the psychological setbacks that stall the writing process. The reason that I suggest a quality project planner is because if you try to always use your computer, you will excuses or distractions that will take you away from writing. When you write in a planner, you improve your internal processing.

Remember: the more you write, the more efficient the process becomes. Mentally conditioning your mind will help you become a better writer. Any person can improve their writing skills. Keep positive, stay focused, and write with positive energy.

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