Monday, June 8, 2009

How to write an academic essay

Many students struggle with writing academic essays. They would rather wait until the night before the deadline to begin working on their essays. Why is writing such an obstacle? Students find writing to be boring, they lack confidence in their writing abilities, they would rather have fun, don't have time, taking too many courses, and just hate writing altogether. This essay will demonstrate how to write a good academic essay.

Is it worth adding more stress to an already overworked brain? Students that rush to produce an essay - before the deadline - are unbearable and impossible to deal with. As a freelance writer, I have produced hundreds of essays for many diverse clients. Essentially, writing an academic essay requires time management, discipline, organization, interest, and respect. Why is respect a part of the requirement? When a student waits to complete an essay, they don't value their education. Writing academic essays is not as complex as it seems. What should you do to make the process more efficient without feeling overwhelmed?

During the beginning of a quarter or semester, an instructor assigns an essay. They give students plenty of time to complete it. Students tend to delay the writing process. They even go great lengths to pay a fortune for another writer to complete the essay. Why do students procrastinate on preparing essays? Students fear they lack the writing skills to be successful. They worry about whether some will criticize their work. There is nothing wrong with criticism. Many people are criticized more times than they could remember. Use criticism as a way to learn. Find out what mistakes you made; work hard to revise the work.

Revising work is the best strategy to improving your writing abilities. There is no such thing as a perfect writer. Even the most prestigious writers experience obstacles with the writing process. Students shouldn't try so hard to write. Let the writing come naturally. Don't use confusing terminology that doesn't fit the subject matter. Words such as "implement" and "coercion" are common in politics. Whenever Congress, state legislatures, and city council pass a new policy, they require respective entities to implement the policy. Essentially, implement is also known as to put something into action. A writer wouldn't use implement in an art paper. The artist used his brush to implement a new coercive painting style. A couple wouldn't fight and suggest they need to implement better communication because they are tired of coercing. Coercion and the other uses of the word communicate force. The government considers coercion as the last plan of action.

Are you eager to write your academic essay? The most challenging part of an essay is the introduction. If you can't make it past the introduction, then your paper is not going to reach a final completion. The introduction outlines the body of the paper. You have to mention the points that you plan to discuss. You can open the introduction with a question or use a catchy phrase. Hook the audience; make them want to read your essay. A sample opening for an essay is one that refer to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002.

Your goal is to prove that the education policy was the reason that education is worse off than it was before. The first sentence: President Bush took a hold of the education system with the same poor decision making as he displayed with the Iraq War. The audience will want to read more. Why would Bush ruin the education system? Wasn't he a great president that utilized effective decision making to adopt bipartisanship? A majority of Americans blamed President Bush for the economy, education, healthcare, the Iraq War, terrorism, and for every other problem they could think of.

The best piece of advice one can give a student that dislikes writing is to read familiar content beforehand. This will help a student understand the subject matter. Prepare an outline and an annotated bibliography. These processes will allow you to write more efficiently. Before you leave the introduction, make sure you include a good thesis. You don't always have to mention that this paper will demonstrate how the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 ruined the education system. Make a clear point regarding the education policy. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 compromised multicultural students in urban cities due to the lack of poor federal government funding. Make a statement that is clear and concise. Think of the thesis like the plot of a movie.

The body of the paper will depend on thesis statement. What are you trying to prove in the course of your essay? Using an outline helps to keep the paper organized and on topic. Make sure you use transition paragraphs. Open the sentence with what you plan to discuss in the paragraph. The sentence opens up with minority test scores. Mention the scores and how they are different now than before. Make some valid point as to why you think they score low. Some suggest that teachers tend to ignore some minority students because they have attitude problems. Teachers don't understand the source of the problem. Maybe the subject matter is unable to retain their focus. You have the freedom to write any regarding the topic. Once you close the paragraph, use a transition section to move forward to the next point. Think of it as a conversation. You're not going to talk about buying a car and then jump right into something completely off topic without first warning the receiver. the same method applies to the audience.

An audience is an important part of the writing process. If the audience is an average person, you would avoid the use of complex words. Writing for a government teacher would require political terminology. Keep in mind who your audience is and what words you want to use in the course of the paper. Write the words down on a sheet of paper. Think about how many times you want to use them. This process is like adding some spices or seasoning to a meal. How much Tabasco do you think is enough to make the eggs taste good? Writing the body to an essay is rather quick. Essays are considered short pieces of work that expand the focus, takes sides, opposes, compares, contrast, or is informational. Make sure to cite everything. try to limit the use of direct quoting; paraphrase the author's point. The last step is the conclusion.

In the conclusion, provide a brief recap about the essay. Discuss what was talked about throughout the course of the essay. The best way to start off the conclusion is to restate the thesis. Once that is done, move forward with summarizing the main points in the paper. The conclusion is like the ending to a movie. After the climax of a film, the writer mentions content that was taken from the beginning - the setup. Writing an essay uses the same type of format. There is a beginning, middle, and end. Hopefully this essay helped you reduce your fear of writing. Have fun with the writing process. Writing can be rewarding when you receive a good grade or a compliment.

Whenever I write academic papers, I always enjoy the customer feedback – regarding the quality of my work. Be confident about writing. Don't worry about being too perfect. Just let the words flow like a conversation. Good luck on producing your essay.

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