Monday, June 8, 2009

The Fear of Success

Why do people fear success? There are many people that just want a simple life. They wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, sit in traffic, and enter a boring workplace full of negative employees. People always complain about how much they hate their job, regret their existence, and talk about past decisions and missed opportunities.

The next morning, the same people go through the same exact process again. Each day is like a recurring nightmare that never ends. People have work until they can afford to retire.

When people near retirement, they discover that their investment accounts are nonexistent. Their dream of enjoying the last stages of their lives - without stress - will now have to wait.
Maybe they'll pass away before that time comes around again. Greedy Wall Street executives damaged the lives of millions of people. An average person is unable to plan ahead without fearing the unthinkable.

Life never travels the right course. On the way to work, the car radiator blows up. When one fixes a radiator, a tire blows out. A person visits the dentist for a routine cleaning and discovers they have five cavities.Where can someone find a relaxing moment without experiencing the rigorous demands of life?

On the morning news, the media discusses the stagnant economy. Millions of Americans are struggling to pay for fuel, food, clothing, credit cards, mortgages, and some are even homeless. What makes it worse is when President Obama tells Americans to be patient.

Homeless people try to keep warm on nearby street corners. College students owe hundreds of thousands of dollar in student loans; they can't even find a job that pays minimum wage. Society blames former President Bush for all of America's current problems. Avoiding personal responsibility only makes life worse. The media attempts to scare people about terrorism, disease, natural disasters, and whatever conflict plagues society. Why waste your time watching television anymore? Watching the media is like extending a nightmare.

Researchers suggest that every dream has a direct meaning. If one dreams about death, it means the complete opposite. According to Kosarin (2005), author of Decode your Dreams, dreaming about "a corpse can indicate a lifeless routine" (p. 206). That's what many Americans have to face each night before they sleep - an empty life. When people live a mediocre life that is full of resentment, routine, and unfulfilled dreams, they lose their drive for success. The human body requires sleep to recover. People are not like machines; they need to rest. How can one sleep when they have recurring nightmares about their stressful lives? Living a routine, stressful life without no relief is like being dead.

Why do people fear success? Are they afraid of failure? Do they want to be sure about their future? Fiore (1989) noted that family and friends make their loved ones feel guilty about chasing after their dreams. Instead of looking for support, a person must avoid negative advice, people, places, and things. Should people isolate themselves from the world? The world seems to be full of negativity. If a person endures long bouts of isolation, they will develop a mental disorder. There is no way to escape a routine life. So what can one do to become successful?

In order to be happy, a person must discover what makes them smile. That piece of advice may sound routine, but try it out. What makes you smile? Do you like to communicate with people? Have you ever watched a movie that you thought was poorly written? You should jot down notes about a strong setup and good ending to a story. Write about your personal struggle, but add a few different ingredients to give it some flavor.

Conflict makes the best stories. Writing novels, screenplays, plays, blogs, and other forms of writing creates excitement. Why don't you become a freelance writer? There are marketing jobs that allow people to promote products through creative ideas. Don't waste your success. Find a moment to clear your mind, focus, and go after your dreams.

Though it may be hard, take some time to relax. Write down what makes you feel full of life. Some people may like to sleep. Researchers need test subjects to study sleeping patterns. They will pay an individual to sleep for the day. Why wake up each morning and fall into the same routine? Do something about your life.

You have an opportunity to become successful. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have what it takes to succeed. People are only negative because they're unhappy about their own uneventful lives. The only way they find happiness is making others feel less important.

A person has to believe in their dreams. Be happy that you have food to eat, a warm place to sleep, and something to complain about. Chances are, if you complain about something, most likely you care about the person, job, and whatever else you think warrants your negativity.

Why fear success? Do you feel that an average life is better? Some people have simple dreams while others chase after impossible dreams. A person will never know what they're capable of until they take a chance. Life is like a dream. Why not take the next step to accomplish a dream?

The fear of success is a way to make excuses. Don't make excuses about your life. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy. Many third world countries don't have the chance to obtain success. Poverty-stricken people endure chronic lives full of recurring nightmares. In a waking life, these struggling families dream about eating a piece of bread. Americans complain about the simple things, but never stop to think about what others lack.

Try to rise above your fear of success. Go after what you want out of life. If a person chases a dream and does it for the right reasons, they may inspire another to do the same exact thing. Through inspiring the world, people can change the future.

Whatever makes you happy in life, go after it and don't look back. Even if you don't accomplish a desired goal, there will never be any regrets.

Tired of living a routine life? Don't feel appreciated for all the good things you do? Don't worry about what others have or what you think you can't get; allow yourself to avoid a routine life and chase after your dreams. Dream big and you will succeed.

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