Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cool I-Phone APPS

The IPhone is one of the coolest phones out there. What are the coolest apps to download onto an IPhone.

As an avid IPhone user, I find there are many cool apps that make life easier, and of course funner. What are the coolest apps to download onto your IPhone?

Idea Organizer: This app will help you organize ideas through writing, taking pictures and recording them. I find it to be a handy tool to writers who need to store their writing ideas. The app is easy to use. It is least expensive - only $.99.

Fast Pencil: Are you looking to write a book? Fast Pencil will let you write your chapters using the tips of your fingers. You can also download a desktop version, as well. In addition, the company has a social networking system in place to help writers collaborate with others. Fastpencil transform any writer into a mobile poet, novelist and a book author. The app is currently offered for free.

Word Press: Word press is commonly known as a blog forum. This app will allow you to write articles, as you do when writing on your computer. Word Press will make you into a more efficient writer, as well as turning you into a mobile blogger. The app make it possible for you to manage your blog from the palm of your hand. Word Press is offered as a free app.

Facebook: The Face is really cool. It notifies you when a new message arrives. You can provide board content, manage your friends, send private messages to friends, create a personal note forum, watch for events, and upload pictures with the picture option. The Facebook app is currently free.

Doodle Buddy: Doodle Buddy has entertained me for hours. I've drawn the coolest image. You can save the pictures in your photo album. If you need an outlet away from writing and to reduce your stress level, download the free version of this app.

FreeStyle: Want to become a rapper? Free Style gives you a forum to freestyle your fresh new jams. This may be one of the coolest free apps out there. I find myself producing some cool tunes, which happens to be god amateur work. Free Style is currently a free app.

Presidents: You'll be surprised about how many people don't know who the past US President were. The Presidents apps will keep you up-to-date with the past American Presidents. This app is educational for both students and adults. The app is currently free.

Book apps: Check out free book apps on classic literature such as Shakespeare plays, the Holy Bible, Fairy Tales, and many other great books.

Article provided by Jason Allen Goodlin

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