Monday, July 1, 2013

Venezia Halloween in Redondo Beach

While Venezia Halloween tickets may not be available right now, don't wait until the last minute to make plans. Begin planning ahead for the event, as you already know that costumes and tickets go rather quickly. Try to avoid wearing the same costume as you did the year before. Originality will turn heads. While I never attended the Venezia Halloween, many have claimed that the event is a blast. West Hollywood Costume Carnival is another exciting Halloween venue.

When I attended the West Hollywood Costume Carnival last year, the event was filled with orginality. A Michael Jackson look-a-like was one of the biggest attractions there. Considering that Latoya Jackson stood a few feet away helping a nearby shake shop, the MJ impersonator was a perfect compliment to the King of Pop.

The West Hollywood Costume Carnival is more than just a block party. Santa Monica Bouvelard is usually closed off to accommodate the costume guests. There's food, music, a beauty show, and dancing along the entire street. The costume event may be a bit extreme for first-timers, but that mood soon dies down once they blend in with the crowd.

Make sure you bring a good camera with a backup battery. You'll definitely be snapping pictures all night long. There are many flamboyant personalities at the West Hollywood Costume Carnival. Venezia Halloween at Redondo Beach is as electric as the West Hollywood event. Check out the website below to keep a close eye on Venezia Halloween and other Halloween events across America. Have a blast!

Click here if you dare a night of fun

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