Monday, July 16, 2012

When the Wind Blows on Nuclear War Movies

Want to watch nuclear war movies? Fear movies about nuclear war? Nuclear War Movies is screening When the Wind Blows, an animation about a nuclear war. The end of times this couple fear is now here.

When the Wind Blows is one of the recommended nuclear war movies. It is an animation of an elderly couple attempting to survive a thermonuclear attack  The world as they know it is forever gone. 

Watch When the Wind Blows at Enjoy!

***Took the YouTube video down since it is a movie that sells on Amazon. It is a movie that you can watch on YouTube or buy on Nuclear War Movies. In my opinion, full movies displayed on YouTube are risky to post on websites due to copyright. We would rather avoid any future issues until we know what is allowable. Check out YouTube to watch Threads and or When the Wind Blows, both are full movies featured there. Thanks.****

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