Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unethical treatment on the net was deindexed for no apparent reason. It seems that writing the truth somehow offends the elite. The last article about getting locked out of may have gotten our valuable website deindexed.

It is totally unfair to deindex a noob website delivering good content. Google deindexed, a noob/newbie website generating thousands of unique visits per month. It is unethical to ax a quality website. We rebranded the website to only feature video game content rather than the hundreds of domain articles. 

Most domain investors know the owner of tried to delete his Facebook domains prior to turning over the TM domains. Is it possible the owner and or another got offended with us sharing the truth about their high domain name prices? What is the purpose to deindex an infornative website?

We've experienced deranking issues, which took our top sites nearly a year to recover. These websites eventually recovered, but is wiped cleanly out of Google without one indexed article and or link. A previous movie website generated a ton of traffic, and then got zapped. However, the website recovered after a few months to perform well. In the few months, we lost out good revenue.

Why would a person complain of getting indexed? A deindexed website will stop performing altogether. Therefore, the website owner loses out on valuable traffic to pursue lead generation and revenue.

Several top websites we run are no longer competitive. Google deranked and or deindexed our best sites. It pisses us off that the top dogs use unfair measures to keep competition down. Could another competitor have cheated our site to avoid criticism? Our frustration with getting deindexed supports our past articles, that conflict of interest and unethical practices rule the web.

We asked to have reconsidered again as a video game website. Any domain content will be included on another domain website we will begin writing on again this upcoming October, 2012. We also plan to prove the naysayers wrong with some quality content to add along with the 300 articles already featured on the website between 2010-2011.

Previous websites which got deindexed and never got reconsidered again. Many websites get deranked once they generate good traffic. For some apparent reason, our top keyword domains are pushed back to the end of the line. We suspect our singular "quarter" domain generated too much traffic in a 3-month span. In result, the website got deindexed.

There are several websites that provide a great user experience, so these websites remain indexed well. The websites perform rather good, with content getting indexed within minutes after posting content. The two websites below produce over 1,000+ exact match searches.

NoobWorld produced good traffic prior to Google sending a message to inform us the website delisted. There is a chance you can get delisted to be censored. Who really knows the reason our websites got removed. Since then, we moved the content to an alternate location. (29,000 unique in first 3 months of last year - got deindexed) (got indexed) (got indexed)

The two quarter domains can make a fortune with the eBay affiliate progam. One coin domain investor informed us that these quarter domains can make at least $1-2K per year apiece. In my honest opinion, the domain can generate at least $5k a year.

Hopefully, will get inclusion back into Google. We rebranded noobworld into a video game website. Why did get deindexed?

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