Thursday, January 12, 2012

Website Traffic SEO tips: How to improve website traffic?

Are you struggling to produce Internet traffic to your website? Have no clue where to get started to build traffic? Do you know that writing specific content will deliver traffic to your website?  Therefore, choosing to use the right words in your articles can get you indexed across the major search engines. How so you improve your website traffic?

Good traffic requires hard work and dedication. You have to find interest in the content. It is common to find old Google BlogSpot blogs with outdated content from a decade go. Your goal is to not only to get ranked for your domain and blog name, you evaluate your competition and locate the most popular search keywords and phrases in your space.

When it is time to write content, use relevant verbs and phrases consistent with the article. If you're writing about a controversial case or event, then use words such as true, real, background, facts, and other relevant descriptive keywords. The words can land you traffic for searches requesting the information.

For example, your website is the about the end of the world. You write an article titled "Top End of the World movies 2012". A web user types 2012 Top movies about end of the world into Google. You will likely rank high, especially if you use the keywords in the body, in your title, use a domain or blog name with a few of the keywords, and set site labels and tags related to the article's content.

Descriptive words: Using true, real, good, and other good words associated with the article content can land good traffic through searches requesting such information. Even incorporating specific dates in the article can get you ranked high. A person searching for "real facts about a movie or name" enable you to capture that traffic.  Your mention of "real" or "facts" along with multiple keywords in the body, title, domain name, and the site tags and or site labels will move your site up in the category.

Know your competition. What keywords are most valuable to your website? Getting ranked for your blog name will not deliver you good traffic unless you own the top generic domain name. I would definitely like to get ranked for "movie reviews" and or "movie trailers". It  does not guarantee me good traffic. There are many moviegoers who search for the exact movie trailer name such as "Insidious Trailer" rather than a generic "movie trailer" search.

Do you want specific traffic? Locate excellent keyword domain names to point to your website. Once the domain name is indexed, you can gain traffic through keyword searches. Website owners, bloggers, and companies underestimate the value of a good domain name. I have several good domains pointing visitors to my website. These keywords domains have delivered good traffic. Thus, the visitors will eventually visit the website again in the near future.

Keyword tool: Use a good keyword tool to find high search keywords and phrases in your category. If you want to get ranked in multiple categories, then conduct a keyword search through AdWords to locate keywords and phrases. A blog about astral projection can get ranked for the following phrases:
  • How to Astral Project
  • Astral Projection Techniques
  • Astral Projection Guide
  • How to astral travel
Essentially, find the best keywords and phrases to gain traffic. Use these keywords in your titles, the body, and as site tags and or labels. Owning a relevant domain or blog name will help increase the frequency of the keywords and phrases. Exact match phrases can project your website on the first page. It may too hard to compete to rank for "astral projection" but you can control the keywords described above with good search value. 

Monitor exact traffic: The best  strategy to gain good website traffic is to know exactly what searches arrive on your website. Google Blogger provides traffic and keyword analysis. Nonetheless, StatCounter is a useful traffic tool to keep track of popular keywords, time of visit, types of searches, and other valuable information. You can review the traffic to contribute future content.

Good luck on building website traffic. It takes good practice to write SEO articles. Keep in mind that writing many articles the wrong way will delay your success. You can write blog posts to inform your readers. Nonetheless, if you plan to generate traffic and produce good lead generation, then you need to do SEO writing to get ranked. In essence, getting indexed on page #1 for multiple keywords can increase your website traffic tenfold.

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