Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Food domain up for sale: Purchase as a Christmas Gift is an awesome domain with millions of average keyword results - 2.2 million to be exact. Most Thai restaurants would benefit from owning such a delicious domain.  I plan to sell Please make me an offer in the comment section.

Don't let this delicious domain elude you. You can make revenue with sharing Thai recipes, listing Thai restaurants using a paid web directory, set up a Thai food blog, and put up Thailand hotel destinations to promote Thailand. makes an amazing Christmas gift for any Thai restaurant, a person who loves Thai food, and a Thai person. You be the judge on who you will serve this delicious Thai food domain to. Delicious Thai food is a brandable domain with star power. Check out the NYC domains in the previous post.

Up for sale: appraises for $500. It's easily worth double the price. Make me a reasonable offer, and the domain is yours.

***I let the domain drop in February. You can purchase the domain at for $350. The new owner is Michael Mann.

Host the domain at WhyPark:

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