Tuesday, May 4, 2010

eBay has bad domains

Every time I search for domains at eBay, it seems like people believe
they have valuable domains that buyers will bid on. There are some worthless .com domains there. Some are priced in the 4-5 figure range, but are only worth a fraction of that price. These people think buyers are clueless.

I've never seen any domains worth buying on eBay. A few months ago, I happened to put up a few quality domains on there, but other owners seemed to have ruined a potential sell because they were asking a fortune for their bad domains.

Watch out which domains you decide to bid or make an offer on.
Many of the domains are not even worth 4% of the appraisal value, as opposed to what the seller is asking for them. 3 letter domains are only sought after when they actually have traffic or have 3 letter or numbers in sequence, suggesting they will become popular to an end-user.

To be honest, there's a bunch of worthless domains on eBay. Many of the domains are unreasonably priced. Don't waste your time looking for a deal there. You might find a deal once in a great while, but it may be as rare as hand registering a valuable domain. BargainDomains.com has far better deals, and their domains actually hold appraisal value.

Be careful on what domains you bid on while on eBay. Don't trust an owner's sales pitch that their domains are rare and will be popular. Domain age means nothing to the value if it hasn't generated any traffic, the keywords have no marketability, and a buyer has no use for the name.

If you like eBay, then consider doing some research before making any bids on the domains. eBay has deals, but many people try to put bad domains on the website. The last thing you want to do is get stuck with a worthless domain you spent thousands to acquire.

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