Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Please read the article regarding new changes to the GI Bill

The GI Bill is an education plan for military service members. In its expanded form, the GI Bill is also known as the Montgomery Government Issued Bill. I provided a link that discusses the plan more in detail, which includes transferring unused education benefits to spouses. I used my entire GI Bill around 6 years ago. I wish I could have waited to use the GI Bill because it is worth far more than it was in the past. Then, I wouldn't have acquired student loan debts.

The new student loan revisions also benefits those students who will be applying for loans after 2014. Again, I missed out on that deal too. It seems I either miss opportunities due to time and for being unprepared. However, I can't look at missed opportunities as bad luck or bad timing. Sometimes poor decision making can translate into success. I would have to prepare another article to cover the benefits of making mistakes. Please read the article regarding the changes made on the new Gi Bill.

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