Sunday, March 28, 2010

Google Ads

Since I started my blog this past summer, I haven't made any ad revenue worth bragging about. is a much nicer place to write articles. People will actually read your articles there. You make consistent revenue there as well. Once of my most popular article on Ehow is "How to Reduce Fines on Traffic Citations." It seems that people are looking to save money, then possibly considering techniques to earn revenue.

Google ads haven't worked at all for me. Right at this moment, I have $38 sitting in my account. There hasn't been a click since the past year. As much as I enjoy writing these blogs, I try to look at it as an informational forum to help people, otherwise I will lose interest and avoid producing any articles. This blog is more to keep my writing skill intact, whereas it will help me to produce a few books in the upcoming months.

I read many blogs on the net. Other writers attract fans without even trying. Maybe it is the topic of choice, or possibly the name of their domains. I have over 300 domains with great names. Most of them were created for resale purposes. However, it seems hard to make a sale because many of these domain companies want you to pay extra money to increase exposure to your domain. I can't afford to pay for appraisals, increased categories and front page landing. After spending $100, I risk not selling off the domain.

As for the google ads, I feel that it is a waste of time. Maybe other writers have made money with them, but I have never collected a single cent with displaying them on my blog. Bloggers suggest that you have to be patient. I have been patient for years, adding a ton of degrees to my existing experiences. What I want usually eludes me. When I miss out on opportunities, I have to wait several years for another. I have decided it is time to stop depending on cheap ads, instead I need to finish my books. Authors are always in constant demand, whereas people don't trust blog writers too often. It is more about the credibility of the write and the forum they write on.

I may consider monetizing with another company because I know I'm not being compensated for the clicks. My parked domains have generated over 100 clicks in the past 7 weeks. Right now, Google only tracked 66 clicks. which is the same amount I had several months ago. I'm think they are making money, while us little people are getting ripped off, as usual. Who really knows if we are actually credited for the clicks. I find it hard to believe that I receive comments, but no ad clicks on anything. I'll explore other opportunities to make money using my blog. I am disappointed with Google Ads.

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