Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Ted Bundy film

After watching Ted Bundy movie, it showed you how psychotic this madman was in killing all those women. Also, the legal system made the mistake of allowing this man to escape the second time around, eventually resulting in the slaying of young girls out in Florida.

The film demonstrated how Bundy lived a double life, but managed to go on a killing spree without having any remorse for the lives he took, only fearing the loss of his own. If the legal system did their jobs back then, the Floridian girls would still be alive. They had Bundy in custody, but couldn't prevent him from escaping.

Since Bundy was convicted and put to death, the legal system has implemented a better strategy for preventing prisoners from fleeing confinement. Psychologists would have benefited from studying Bundy - to determine his motivation for murdering women and managing to function in society.

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