Friday, January 8, 2010

The Drawings were all done using Iphone App, "Doodle Buddy"

It is interesting how you can draw on your I-Phone using your finger. Jackson Pollock imagined that art would be better done with a drip abstract technique. Well, a similar technique can be applied to producing images on your I-Phone. These images can be saved in your photo album, and then transferred to your e-mail, off to print and possibly on a mat to frame.

If you haven't already, download the Doodle Buddy app. This is an awesome app, which can make a boring moment into one that is remembered, and filled with stylish finger paintings. Check out my sample drawings below this blog post. Also, this is my 300th post. I have more posts than blog visitors. Go figure! Anyways, enjoy the drawings and the blog articles. Thanks to those that take the time to visit my blog site. Happy New Year!

p.s. Writers can use this Doodle Buddy App to storyboard their scripts and novels. The possibilities are endless.

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