Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bullies & snobs in high school, and celebrities in society

Most high school classmates that were once self-centered continue to act the same way. These are the same students that ignored and picked on less popular students at school. They continue to carry on this destructive pattern in present time. Some people never change their ways, well, until they have to change, otherwise they'll be alone.

I have researched actions of bullies and these so-called people that think they're better than everyone else. It seems to be a constant theme at school and in society.

People will focus more on what celebrities are doing than on ways to improve their lives. I do respect the people behind the scenes, especially the ones that make things happen without growing a big head over their accomplishments.

On the contrary, being recognized for hard work is a good feeling. There's no reason why you can't share your accomplishments with others. It's the people that take advantage of their celebrity status - doing as they wish - without having any respect for anyone, that need a reality check.

Because of their egos, they've caused many people pain. The same goes for these bullies and snobs that want to impress others, but they feel miserable inside. They are shallow, lifeless humans that will do whatever it takes to become popular and to get what they want out of life.

There are celebrities that deserve respect such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and many others. They are good people with big hearts. Some are able to get second chances in life, but manage to ruin their opportunities because they have little control to ward off drugs and alcohol.

Many bullies turn to suicide because they feel worthless for treating others bad. People think that only those who were bullied and treated terribly tend to contemplate and even commit suicide.

This is the main reason that many bullies,snobs and celebrities are worthless to society. They only floss their material possessions in the face of those that struggle to make a living. These very people make others feel less fortunate about their own existence. I see it now. It is a common theme in society. But, intelligent adolescents know how to take advantage of their education to become better in life - citizens that do more for society than anyone can imagine. They are the physicians, scientists, engineers, educators, and the lifelines to the future.

There's nothing wrong with pursuing a professional career to become famous. Really, the ones that complain about their privacy knew beforehand that their fame would be a problem. Why complain about having more in life? Anyone would trade places with their celebrities. Others are smart enough to know that having privacy is better than being rich and famous. Having fame is a significant part of drug and alcohol abuse. Essentially, these people feel alone.

Nobody wants to be alone, especially when so many people act if they like them, but will avoid them once they've lose their popularity. Business is a cruel part of society. People will step over others to get what they want. Snobs, bullies and celebrities will only change after they feel alone and unimportant. It seems that attempting suicide is a way to get attention. Maybe there is a better way to break the chain.

Because when these people fail, society feels sorry for them. While the snobs, bullies and celebrities are on their high pedestals, they couldn't care less about anyone. Of course, it is not fair to place every person under these categories as cruel people. Indeed, these are assessments taken from many articles discussing social problems at their worse, the very ones that cause less fortunate people to emotionally struggle in life.

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