Monday, December 21, 2009

Another disastrous holiday season......

Withering away from a thing called "Hope"

What else is new? Another holiday season filled with problems again. Seems like a recurring trend, year-in and year-out. It gets to the point where it is ridiculous. I have a great deal of respect for homeless people. It is harder to hang on than to let go. Letting go is the smartest thing to do in life. Many religious people communicate that when the times are tough, just let God take over to do his work.

I have done that a few times. I can assure you it hasn't turned out good. When the times get tough, you have to find the will to move on. It becomes a challenge to accomplish goals because all you do is help others to advance in life, while you are stuck in the same morbid situation. You're left in a life that is worse, one that continues to eat away at your hope. Why have any faith?

I have helped so many people make their dreams possible, but I continue to feel uncontrollable stress, an intense pain that is crushing me like a trash compactor. It is unfortunate that life operates in such a way, as it influences the lives of those that care most about others. I face major challenges in a life that is one big obstacle. Nothing can be done right because it always seems to be wrong.

I have the pressure of a thousand bricks resting on my chest. With each passing second, the rocks are becoming harder to hold onto, almost too slippery to handle because the stress causes your palms to sweat. You don't want to let go, but you can't stop thinking about the pressure that comes along with struggling in life. Life is a struggle that lasts without an end in sight.

What is one to do when everything seems to be going against them? Life is a test that consumes the hopes of those that care most. You have to move on, knowing that one second can change a lifetime of misery.

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