Sunday, October 25, 2009

Writing tip for the day 10/25/09

The writing tip for the day is to defeat deadline issues. Plain and simple,
time constraints boggle down the writing process. Instead of trying to
prepare a good paper, the clock becomes the focal point. This writing
tip of the day will briefly discuss deadlines.

Mostly everyone deals with deadlines. Whether one is in college, at a
professional job or have errands to run, deadlines have the tendency
to complicate life. How do you defeat deadline issues?

You may question that there is no time to manage. There is always a
strategy to organize time. Deadlines are the most important part of
everything. Employers would rather have average work than receive
excellent work late. Why is that? Time is money.

The world revolves around time. Even the planet follows a deadline.
Though it's more deterministic, maybe a process that opposes the
action/cause effect, the world, people, and everything that surrounds
are part of a time design. Without deadlines, the word would be a
filled space without a purpose.

You don't have to fear deadlines. The most reliable method to repair
recurring time issue is to find the source of the problem. Take a
intelligence test to find out your learning style strengths and
weaknesses. At least you'll know what learning styles benefit you and
which ones that require more work.

Deadlines can be excruciating. Also, try to identify the what
motivates you to write. As deadlines approach, there is something
withing your mind that pushes you to write. Condition your mind,
reverse the deadline issue through outlining work. Take a day to
research what is needed. Jumping into a pile if work without the right
mindset or the resources will cause people to miss deadlines.

Deadlines problems occur because there is a lack of preparation, an
unwillingless to do the work. Time is always a major factor - the time
it takes to do a task and deadlines. Stay ahead if the process to
avoid deadline issues that will turn great work into lost
opportunities. Thank you for reading the writing tip of the day.

Remember: Deadlines separate integrity from unreliability

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