Monday, October 12, 2009

The Writing Tip for the day 10/12/09

The writing tip of the day is to determine the credibility of a web site. Students face a dilemma with what identifies a credible web site. Academic papers require credible web sites to ensure information is peer reviewed.

How do you determine the credibility of a web site? Government and education sponsored web sites are always credible. COM websites lack credibility because any person can make an assessment, even using the content to manipulate information.

One major factor determines the credibility of a web site - whether it makes profit or not. Whenever a web site makes profit, they will influence an audience to believe specific points, but also leaving them in the dark.

In order to find credible articles. Google Scholar is one those reliable web sites that have a collection of credible medical articles and books. Before instructors discredit COM web sites, students need to research the sponsoring site body.
Evaluating a web site for it's credibility requires specific steps to identify credible sources. Credible sources improve the quality of a research, term, or any other type of paper.
Take the time to evaluate web sites to become a quality writer. Thank you for reading the writing tip of the day. The link below will take you to an article that discusses the process in determining the credibility of a web site.

Locate a credible source today.

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