Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mass Perception Ruins the World - Choose cognitive percpetion over mass perception

Have you even been accused of something that you were not guilty of, but continued to resist to prove your innocence? Accusers claim that they (Internet, psychologists, authors, and others) mention that using objections are exactly how a guilty person responds after doing something wrong. Does it make sense to accept blame when you haven't done anything? Sure, things can be blown out of proportion. They can even look more worse than they appear.

What if you received a message from another that's borderline - between appearing wrong and maybe questionable? Another makes a discovery, and now you have to deal with the fallout. No matter how hard you try to try to stick up for yourself, you're never given the benefit of the doubt, especially when you haven't anything wrong before). You're actions are already preconceived and expected.

Society manipulates people in thinking that every person behaves in the certain way. It's frustrating to think that you have to compete against society because you're told that you're just like everyone else.

Because of others that are dishonest, we have to suffer. Minorities have to constantly prove they belong. Men are treated like cheaters when women are guilty of the infraction. Indeed, every person behaves in a different way, but determinism doesn't influence every event. We live in a society that manipulates people into thinking that everyone is alike. Just because a group before us does something shouldn't mean we'll repeat the same actions too.

Life isn't fair because many people aren't able to think on their own. They have no cognitive perception to assess the facts, possible looking at multiple angles instead of assuming one collective thought. People that have to compete against society will lose the battle. There's no way that one can defeat mass perception. It's a force that is far greater than anyone can ever imagine. If you're told that you're guilty of something that you haven't done, fight against the accusation.

Don't allow mass perception to trample all over you. Develop a cognitive perception; think beyond yourself. Reject mass belief, everything you hear from others isn't always reliable - there are potential flaws. You will surely find yourself in many situations where you'll have to fight off accusations. People assume that fighting against an accusation admits guilt. These people will base their assumptions on statistics. How can statistics be reliable?

Researchers attempt to interview subjects that fit their research design to prove a point. Research studies, professional opinions, and society defy cognitive perception. The DSM-IV still lacks credibility in assessing mental disorders because psychologists are stumped in what causes many of them. Don't sit back, allowing someone to accuse you of doing something that you aren't guilty of. Research has the same flaws as mass perception.

We live in a nation that once passed segregation laws. How reliable is society? Society shouldn't have the final say in anything because they don't have any integrity. Of course, believing in that social paradigm will make one a hypocrite. Any person that's accused of any wrongdoing, and is innocent, should be expected to prove their innocence.

We live in a world that relies too much on determinism. Newton's Third Law of Motion isn't reliable because people have evolved since his discovery. Humans aren't the same; they've changed their perception. In this day and age, people are able to think on their own; they depend on society to do the unethical work. They follow philosophers before them that rejected outside influences because of theologian perspectives. On the opposition, there's free will in decision making. Fate isn't a predetermined action. The media manipulates the public into thinking that's every action is predictable. If one group is guilty, others that follow them are too - these predetermined assumptions are stereotypes.

Hollywood indirectly manipulates young girls into thinking that being thin is culturally ideal. Every Muslim is considered to be a terrorist; a threat to national security. There's a list of stereotypes that run a mile long. Why do we have to believe in what we hear on the news or read on the Internet?

Honestly, I dislike mass perception. Why do people base their analysis on data that's hypothetical? Many people refuse to take a moment out of their uneventful lives to form an opinion. Having a cognitive perception will make a person a social asset. There's conflict in the world because people believe in everything they hear from others. Reject that ideology to better serve society and yourself. Lastly, if you're accused of something that you're guilty of, fight the accusation. Don't let another person step on you because they're unable to have a cognitive perception.

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