Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Regarding Traffic Citation Fines

Any motorist that is unfortunate enough to receive a citation, know that you can request the judge to reduce the fine. The court system is not in business to cause stress.

Essentially, their main goal is to ensure that drivers obey the traffic laws to prevent accidents. Citations are effective for disciplining motorists to break bad driving habits.

The next time that you receive a traffic citation, remain calm. Millions of people are struggling to make a living. Life is tough. But, if you receive a traffic citation, call the courthouse to ask for assistance. They're more than willing to offer you some assistance.

When you write the judge, be as honest as possible. Discuss your financial hardship, be courteous, and admit to the mistake. In the end, the judge will respect you for being honest about situation, and consider you to be responsible.

In essence, you can save money, which can be better used to pay bills.

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