Sunday, September 20, 2009

Writing tip for the day 9/19/09

The writing tip for the day is to write a reaction paper to s specific subject matter. Why take part in this writing activity. Reacting to an issue equips one with the skills to devise alternatives to specific problems. This writing tip will explore writing a reaction paper.

The government is trying to change the healthcare system. Due to having millions of uninsured Americans and excessive medical costs, America has watched the healthcare system struggle for the past 40+ years. There is concern about what the moral values are within healthcare industry. Quality is another major concern. While cost continue to soar, the quality of care is spiraling downward.

Write your reaction paper on either common problems, or ones that you find interesting. You can react to special education in the education system, the No Child Behind Act, energy, abortion, diversity in the workplace, discrimination in the workforce, and to other diverse issues. There are a number of issues that have produce a wide range of responses.

Make sure you use a combination of first and third person. This is one of the very few papers that instructor may allow the first person in an APA paper. React to the problems in your life. Where do you want to be in the future? What mistakes have forced you to abandon a goal? Have you learned from life lessons?

Writing reaction papers stimulates your reasoning skills. Your mind react the same way the subconscious does in split-second moments. Most reaction papers will reflect on benefits, and or disadvantages in program and issues.

Write the 1 page reaction paper to develop analytical skills. While listening to information, a brain processes it, and then responds. Reaction papers are useful for repairing problems. Thank you for reading the writing tip for the day.

Have fun writing a reaction paper.

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