Friday, September 18, 2009

The writing tip for the day 9/17/09

The writing tip for the day is to expand your library. Surrounding
yourself with books will improve your linguistic learning style. This
writing tip will explore the importance in building a library.

My library of books are now resting on a bookcase. This is 95% of my
library. I have film, communications, government, public policy,
business, public relations, art, writing, Christian and adolescence
counseling, novels, medical, multicultural, and many other books.

In order to be a effective writer, you need to have access to credible
sources. It took me years to piece together this library. It was
also expensive too. The books are well worth the cost. There is no
other investment that surpasses knowledge.

Reading is the best strategy to becoming an good writer. If you have
the luxury in doing so, piece together a library of books.

I was told that I'm well versed in many different areas. I would
like to think that I could have intellectual conversions due to my
heightened knowledge.

Reading expands intelligence through exposing the brain to a
positive learning atmosphere. Psychologists and researchers coined the
environment learning process as brain enrichment. Don't hold back your
brain from learning new areas of concentration.

I take pride in my library. Start a library of your own to condition
your mind. Treat yourself to an intellectual piece of literature. Thank
you for reading the writing tip for the day.

Start a library today. Have fun reading.

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