Saturday, September 19, 2009

There are good people in this world

While shopping at Walmart, I left my wallet on a shelf near the diet
section. When I went to pay, the cashier asked to see my ID. I realized I
didn't have my wallet. I remembered that I left the wallet in the

I quickly ran over to the diet section. The wallet wasn't there. I
notified the cashier that my wallet was missing. She directed me over
to the store manager, which called customer service.

Customer Service confirmed that they had my wallet. I would like to
know who turned in my wallet. I pray that they have a great life.

The moral behind the story is to turn in lost wallets to ensure
others don't experience. You will be rewarded for your effort. The
cashier did a good job of asking for my ID.

The person that turned in my wallet deserves a great life. They saved
me from having severe stress. I'm a lucky person.

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