Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Writiting tip of the day 9/9/09

The writing tip of the day is to read Plato's Apology. Why should you read this piece? After reading Plato's eloquent work, I was able to write using a unique style. Reading philosophy will spark your creative abilities to inspire eloquent writing.

While philosophy may appear to be tedious, the analysis within the field has the ability to induce creativity. Philosophy conditions the subconscious mind into switching gears, making the conscious mind analyze an intended focus with a sense of purpose. Many people find writing to be boring because their mind associates the process as being an unbearable activity.

What if you can reprogram the mind to enjoying writing? Reading philosophical pieces will program the mind to accept writing as something enlightening to the mind. With the quality of writing and the constructive arguments in philosophy, you will find it east to improve your analytical skills. Having the ability to analyze creative work inspires the writing process.

Read Plato's Apology to find inspiration about being original. When you write, you will be able to write with a voice. It's like a musician reading a poem to improve their song writing skills. We don't have to imitate success of others, but instead we can learn to make our own journey. Thank you for reading the writing tip for the day.

Have fun reading Plato's Apology to enlighten the writing process.

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