Friday, September 11, 2009

Blackberry Curve is out of commission

The scroll wheel broke off of my Blackberry Curve 8300. in addition, the phone cuts off in the middle of calls. The phone is a disaster.

Last week, the scroll wheel stop rolling down. I then switched it to scroll downward. After trying to make a call, the wheel assembly just fell apart. Think of trying to use a computer without a functional mouse.

If you know all the commands, you may be able to escape a mouse problem, but a Blackberry without a scroll wheel is like not having a phone at all.

I want to get the IPhone, but its' going to cost me $370 for the 32gb one. I only have $300 in 3g cards. Apparently, Apple has to charge $70 tax for the $299 IPhone because of California's subsidized policy on reduced priced phones. There is always a catch to everything. We have to pay invisible taxes on tings we don't see.

I guess I will be without a phone until I can find another $70 to make the purchase. I want to get the 32gb iPhone because I learned from having an Apple laptop that having more storage space maintains optimum performance.

The cost of living out here in Southern California is bankrupting me. I pay my bills on time, but it's getting harder, almost impossible to survive. I don't even know what I will do next month to survive.

My writing goal must happen soon, or I'm going to be toast like my Blackberry Curve. Just thought I should share the Blackberry disaster.

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