Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where are you Script Girl?

Script girl is a production assistant that shares insider information about what screenplays are selling to studios each week. Her last report on YouTube was on July 11, 2009.

Every aspiring screenwriter that hasn't optioned a screenplay should watch Script Girl. Not only does Script Girl provide valuable information, she has strong delivery skills, is camera friendly, and has the physical attributes that mirror a Hollywood actress.

Researching what screenplays Hollywood studios are purchasing, what writers are writing the scripts, and what agencies are responsible for submitting the scripts will prepare a writer to make the necessary adjustments to attract industry attention.

While many of the optioned scripts are wacky ideas, give the writers credit for completing their screenplays and finding a home for them in Hollywood studios.

The whereabouts of Script Girl is unknown. Maybe she is out having a blast right now. She could also be trying to lay low to protect her identity. Script Girl is like superhero. She has the secrets that most Hollywood insiders keep within their intermediate circle.

Stay tuned for Script Girl's August script selling reports. The entertaining 3 minute segments are sure to inspire you to write, which may lead you to be the centerpiece in one of her weekly script reports.

As Script Girl would say "You can't sell it if you don't write it."

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