Thursday, August 27, 2009

The meaning of "Fugly"

I have heard the word "Fugly" used on and on Twitter. Fugly is commonly used to describe certain women that people find unattractive.

The insult can be universal, but it seems to be popular in coining certain women as being ugly. I knew what the word meant before doing a Google search on it. There are 1,170,000 hits on fugly.

One Twitter member claimed Meagan Fox to be fugly, which is kind of strange, as she is one of the most desirable women in Hollywood. Fugly is used more on girls, especially the ones that get too much attention than on others that don't have enough exposure.

Before searching for fugly, I assumed that it meant a combination of the "F word and ugly". After searching for fugly, many web surfers confirmed that it was indeed the mixture of the two vulgar words.

Whenever someone wants to make a point about another being really ugly, they will use fugly. Seems to be one of those sayings like "My Bad" and "WTF". The word fugly is also more popular than lower tier celebrities.

Fugly is much more worse than referring or even suggesting that another person is ugly. It's funny that there is always someone out there creating new slang. Soon we will hear fugly used in an upcoming film.

As this point in time, fugly is the new slang making its rounds on the Internet, and in school discussions.

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