Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making a mistake prepares a person for the future

Making mistakes are expected in life. A person should not make mistakes just for the sake of learning. I wouldn't recommend purposely making mistakes because life is about understanding unnoticeable mistakes that later surface as what many people assume as being unfortunate events or even bad luck.

Making mistakes are a part of life; they help every person learn and to eventually realize the benefits of change. People that refuse to change, may in fact benefit from making mistakes. In making mistakes, the person learns that they need to change to avoid hurting others. How often do people make mistakes?

There is not one second that goes by where a person doesn't make a mistake. Life is measured through learning. People learn from making mistakes, which helps them to avoid repeating the same action again in the near future.

Making mistakes is part of life. People that make it through life without any having regrets are that ones that have made mistakes. In time, they have learned from their mistakes. A world without mistakes is one that prevents change. Don't try to always be perfect because humans are expected to make mistakes.

If you're a college student or a professional, focus more on being ethical and having integrity instead of wasting time on preventing mistakes. I assure your that learning from making mistakes will improve your future.

People are expected to use their mistakes to gain life experiences. Making mistakes will helps a person live a better life. Having experience makes one more capable of treating others with respect and to also be hospitable.

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