Thursday, August 27, 2009

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I am occasionally on Twitter. Keep a close eye on my Twitter page @ I will share anything about writing or other things that will assist you with your anticipated film career.

The writing advice I will give you is not going to delve into what writing books suggest you should do, but instead the advice will include what I think works for writers to get noticed.

Writing is about disciplining yourself to write, to be proactive in getting your work out there, and to get noticed. Waiting to get noticed is not good. If you want to be a paid writer, you have to get your work out there. Show the industry that you have been paid for your writing. Anything project that you have taken on is good enough.

When you hire a plumber, you expect them to have experience with fixing pipes. You trust that your plumber has the ability to work around electrical wiring. Plumbing is about knowing how to work around the problems to fix the main problem.

A writer that is able to provide samples of their paid work has a greater change than another writer that claims to be a writer without having a portfolio.

With the social communities, blogs, and e-mail services, a writer lives in a time where they don't have to live out in Hollywood. One would suggest that you have to pay your dues first - taking on the lower tier jobs. If you produce quality work, you have an advantage in attracting attention.

A studio will not take the risk of losing a brilliant writer to another competitor. Some projects have the potential to rescue a studio from sinking into quicksand.

As a writer, you have to be disciplined, be motivated, be able to take criticism, and market your work. Don't wait for success to come, go out there and get it. With all the competition out there, you need to be proactive.

The following websites have jobs for writers

- (writing academic papers)
- (find a professional media and or writing jobs in LA, NYC, and in major US cities)

As time passes on, I will include other jobs for writers.

Continue to write, get your work out there, and have confidence. Writing is a lifelong goal that is worth the effort.

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