Thursday, August 20, 2009

First time on Twitter

Just checked out Twitter for the first time this morning. The website is rocking hard with a concert of bloggers. I'm diggin it! I am a quick learner. I figured that Twitter is technology friendly. I sent out 13 tweets. I already have 7 followers. Not much if you add up Brittany Sprears and Ashton Kutcher, which are over 2 million followers a piece.

Maybe I'll travel back and forth between the BlogSpot and Twitter. I was trying to attract more traffic to my blog site because I want to help people. I feel that a writing tip not used is one wasted. I don't want them to just sit on my site gathering cyberdust. Everything we do in life requires writing. I have thousands upon thousands of hours of writing experience to figure out what it takes to be a better writer.

Society bases success on professional experience. I base success on helping others to realize their dreams. Would that make me Tony Robbins? Not exactly. Since Tony is one of the most effective motivators on the face of the planet, I would have to reach the globe and then spin it around many times over to attract the attention he does.

Instead, I inspire people through the written word. I have given personal advice to random strangers many times before, but people will refuse to listen unless you're a Christian counselor, a psychologist, or a celebrity. Go figure. I'll try out this Twitter gig later to spread the writing word. Go Twitter!

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