Thursday, July 30, 2009

Would you rather have 5 years of intense fun and wealth, then die happily or would you want to live an average life struggling?

President Obama claims that his middle class tax cuts will reach 95% of Americans. Middle class people represent average Americans that vote, work hard, and struggle to make a living.

What if you were presented with an opportunity to experience 5 years of intense fun and wealth, then you would die after - would you do it? What about just accepting an average life?

Think about it - for 5 years, you would be traveling across the world, driving nice cars, wearing nice designer clothes, eating anything you want, having nice lavish homes, socializing with the most powerful people, and being in the spotlight.

What about just living an average life struggling; not knowing where you will get money to pay your rent, buy food, and to support your family.

You have the freedom to choose - live an life of struggle or have intense fun for 5 years, but then you die immediately after.

It would be interesting to find out what people would do. On the right side of the screen, vote on average life or on 5 years of fun and then dying.

People want success; some will do whatever it takes to accomplish their dreams. but there are also others some that fear death. Time travels too fast. Before you know it, 5 years can come and go - just like that.

After the survey, I will share my personal perception - choosing an average life full of never- ending struggle or going with a short and fun life full of opportunities. Leave your comments below. Thank you.

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