Thursday, July 16, 2009

When writing creates stress

After producing four Power Point slides on change management, the impact of doing such research, writing, and producing the main slides overloaded my mind. While I enjoy writing, there are times when the stress of doing it just makes me feel burnt out.

Whatever it's worth, I need to find time to rest. There are times when I am able to write at a highly efficient level and then there are other moments where I struggle to produce quality work. Maybe I am too critical about the quality of my work. Exhaustion produces criticism.

Yesterday, I had a massive headache, my muscles were aching, and I just felt like I ran a marathon. For the last decade, my body has been feeling the stress. Every unfortunate event has taken a toll on my mind, which in result makes me feel overloaded and overworked. Sometimes a person just needs to relax. The simple things in life don't seem that easy anymore. Time always becomes an issue. Scheduling in activities is something one has to do

Going to the beach, watching a movie, and hanging out at a bookstore are good ways to reduce your stress. I need to schedule those activities in so I rejuvenate my mind. While I enjoy writing, the type of projects I currently work on are the complete opposite of what I like and want to do. Maybe I will better after I take some time to recoup my energy.

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