Friday, July 3, 2009

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Check out the above article regarding Senate's new healthcare plan. Every person will be required to obtain healthcare or face a $1000 fine. Families would be expected to pay a higher fine. Healthcare insurance will be treated like car insurance. Personally, the new proposal for a universal healthcare plan is going to create more problems; more than what is going on at this current moment.

The drug companies are what made the cost of healthcare skyrocket. Also, county hospitals that treat patients without insurance overcharge their respective State high costs for care. A surgery that would normally cost $15,000 may cost as much as $60,000 or more. Healthcare insurance companies have rejected elderly clients that require healthcare on the basis that their medical problems would increase costs.

There are many people that don't want healthcare insurance because they are healthy. Why force people to get insurance and then fine them for not acquiring insurance? How does this plan work for Veterans and military families. What about the homeless people that don't have shelter and a hot meal to eat? I'm starting to think the universal healthcare system is one of those plans that will create more problems.

The $1000 fine for failing to obtain healthcare insurance is the wrong move. Fining people from not obtaining healthcare insurance to make $36 billion over the next 10 years is plain ridiculous. People barely have enough to make a living and not they will be required to purchase healthcare plans. Of course, I shouldn't forget that there will be tax credits for low income individuals and families.

People are going to realize that there was a reason that Congress decided to reject President Clinton's Universal Healthcare plan in the mid 90's. Now every person will be insured in the country. Medical costs will soar due to the increases in life expectancy and more severe health conditions. Soon, people will not have any control. America will gravitate toward a Socialist agenda. At first I didn't want to believe it, but there are clear signs that is happening with the Wall Street Bailout, the Big Three, and now the proposal for a risky universal healthcare system.

Insuring all Americans is not the solution to fixing the problem. People that need chemotherapy and other treatment will have to wait. Many internal patients visit America to seek care due to their nations' long waiting lists. Sure, providing healthcare for all Americans is the moral thing to do. The same could be said about supplying food to all starving people and providing shelter for all homeless victims. Essentially, we all know that is impossible. The government should look at what caused the healthcare problem instead of forcing people to purchase healthcare insurance, especially when $1000 fines are involved.

Fining individuals and families for not obtaining healthcare is a huge mistake. What a disaster healthcare reform will be if Congress decides to approve it. The only thing the Obama Administration is doing is spending a ton of money. First they rescue Wall Street companies and now they want to introduce a risky healthcare plan. What about OPEC , Korea, and Iran? Are those issues not important enough to warrant immediate action? OPEC, as Donald Trump recently put it, are robbing us blind. They are setting the oil prices like a monopoly. Due to this international ties, we have been too passive in confronting their practices.

What next? Should we accept the universal healthcare plan? Read the article above. Think about what it requires and note what it will do to the healthcare system. In essence, the current state of the healthcare system is mediocre at best. The quality and per capita costs repel one another. While quality is poor, the costs continue to rise. This has been going on since Medicare and Medicaid were both passed in 1966. In addition, drug companies are reason that healthcare costs spiraled out of control. They charged immense rates, which insurance companies have to foot the bill.

Recently I visited a Rite Aide and heard a pharmacist talking about a bottle of pills that cost $2000 for 10 pills. These better be some magic pills that helps one forget about their problems. Maybe like the blue pill from the Matrix film that takes one away from the destruction of the real world. As mentioned earlier, hospitals overcharge their respective State for medicare care rendered to uninsured patients.

Who is profiting from the outrageous healthcare costs? Only time will tell who is benefiting because the universal healthcare system is trying to profit off of fining Americans for not obtaining healthcare. Though $36 million doesn't seem like much, it is for the people that have to pay the fines. The more and more I think about the universal healthcare plan, the idea of it is going to marginalize civil liberties. People will no longer have a choice to choose.

The government should look at the root of the problem. They need to break down the costs like a person sifting through what bills are causing them problems. The most costly programs in America are Medicaid, Medicare, and Welfare. Democrats and Republicans are going to be divided on the healthcare issue. Democrats will approve it while Republicans will claim he system to be too risky and expensive. In closing, forcing every person in America to obtain healthcare insurance and fining those that elect not to obtain coverage is not going to fix quality and costs.

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