Monday, July 13, 2009

San Francisco Giants Jonathan Sanchez pitches a no-hitter

On Friday night I watched San Francisco Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez throw a no-hitter. From the first to the last pitch, Sanchez looked as confident as any pitcher I have seen in the past. If it wasn't for Juan Uribe's error in the 8th inning, Sanchex would have pitched the first perfect game in franchise history.

Jonathan Sanchez struck out 11 batters, didn't give up any walks, and kept the San Diego Padres from getting a hit. What an awesome game he pitched. I prayed for him to continue his dominance because he deserved it. The last time I asked God for a win was when the Giants were only 4 outs away from winning the 2002 World Series.

In recent time, it seems as if the Giants are playing at a highly consistent level. Jonathan Sanchez proved that he could still pitch with confidence. He did what no other pitcher has done in the past year; he was on pace to pitch the first perfect game in the majors since Randy Johnson last did it in 2004.

After watching Tim Linceum unravel in the 7th inning of his no-hit bid, there was more reason to respect Jonathan Sanchez's feat. No-hitting a team seems impossible. Imagine combining that effort along with not giving up any walks and avoiding an error. Sanchez was supposed to have pitched a perfect game. In any case, the no-hitter far exceeded what any Giants pitcher had done in the past 33 years.

Jonathan Sanchez pitched one of the most impressive games that I have ever seen. The last time I watched a no-hitter was when Kevin Milwood pitched one against the Giants in 2003. Sanchez used an array of pitches. He managed to stay in control from beginning to end.

It took 33 years for a Giants pitcher to produce a no-hitter. This may as well be the last time for years to come. Jonathan Sanchez pitched one of the finest games in Giants history. If it weren't for Uribe's error, I would havee witnessed the first perfect game in Giants franchise history.

On June 10, 2009, Jonathan Sanchez became the 5th San Francisco pitcher in the past 50 years to throw a no-hitter.

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