Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Truth behind Dreams

Do you remember what you dreamed about the night before? Most people have a vague memory. In order to locate the connection between your life and that of your dreams, you should try to keep a log about what you dream about. Having a waking problem is sure to materialize into something different in the dream world. There are many book about dreams.

Barnes & Nobles has a good selection of dream books, ones that help to decode your dreams. They have a dream dictionary that is useful for determining why you may be experiencing recurring dreams. Nightmares are not always what they seem. While it seems like they play on our fears, they are actually a clue to what problems we may be facing in the waking world.

Have you ever had a dream about the devil? A dream about watching yourself die? Having these type of dreams is hinting at other problems in your life. The devil dream signifies evil in your life. Not the kind of evil that will possess you, but actually a hint of your life struggles.

The devil dream could be telling you that your significant other is not right for you; that is only true if you have recurring fights and are unhappy about your relationship. Pay attention to your dreams and try to make the connection to your real problems.

Dreams are just as usual as a psychologist. Instead of spending thousands on therapy, you could use your dreams to help you heal. Dreams don't always have a relational meaning - the waking and dreaming world.

Dreaming of death doesn't necessarily mean you will die. Look for certain symbols in your dreams. A staircase, examination, and toilet all have some direct meaning that is completely opposite of what you perceive them to be. Dreaming about a deceased family member suggests they are trying to sooth your soul. They know that you are still thinking about them and want to help you to accept their passing.

Dreaming about an examination signifies a goal. When time is involved, it suggest that you have time limit on your goals. Other people in that dream are ones that are trying or have direct control with you accomplishing the goal.

The next time you have a dream, pay attention. If you want answers, ask for them before you sleep. More than often, you will discovers them. Try to keep logs of your dreams to treat any waking life problems. Dreaming is a part of life. Try to use your dreams to stay a step ahead of your problems.

The next time you sleep, don't be afraid that the death dream the night before will cause you a heart attack this time around. Allow your mind to dream, but look for the clues that will help you decode your problems.

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