Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009


Michael Jackson passed away at 2:26 PM PST on June 25, 2009 in UCLA Medical Center. Fox quoted Michael Jackson as "the most famous man on the planet Earth."

Thank you Michael Jackson for inspiring us. I remembered break dancing to "Beat It" in the early 80's. You were there when I grew up.

You are more than just an icon; you were the ambassador of peace.

My middle brother woke me and said that FM 106.1 KMEL confirmed Michael Jackson dead at 2:26 PM PST. I was in shock. It was like one of those moments where you just wake up and feel like you're still sleeping - a surreal kind of moment.

This morning, my little brother was playing 'Beat It." He told me that Michael Jackson would always be the best. He talked as if he had already passed. He was the one that called and confirmed Fox's announcement of Michael Jackson's passing.

My little brother told me that he had one of his funny feelings this morning. You usually senses things, but he doesn't consider himself to be a psychic or one that make predictions. We listened to Michael Jackson's music for the last time - of course while Jackson will still alive. Michael Jackson's awesome performances and music will continue to be a part of the present and the future.

May you live in peace and continue to be an inspiration to the world. Everyone was waiting for you to perform in London. Now you will be performing in the hearts of your fans.

There are not enough words to say how great you were and will always be. May the Jackson family make it through the tough times.

Micahel Jackson will always inspire people. You were a rare talent and a humble person that can't never be replaced.

RIP Michael Jackson

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