Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dreaming: The Meaning of the Neverending Examination

Multiple instructors monitored the large forum like a military installation. The room was filled with many eager students that were ready to get the test over and done with. Though, the dream was somewhat vague, the main focus channeled on the examination.

At the time of the dream, I couldn't figure out why I was experiencing so much difficulty completing to the examination. The neverending examination seemed to last forever. As time was quickly winding down, I was stuck on page 1. The examination was a dozen pages long. I kept changing answers; no one answer seemed to fit.

I remembered the time expiring. Due to the fact that this was a final examination, my future hanged in the balance. I was stressing out in trying to figure out how to gain access to more time. The content was hard to dcciper and I stilled had a reasonably hard time The instructor started to argue with me. I refused to be ridiculed in front of the entire class. I fought back.

Essentially, I compared the element of time to something regarding the process of creating an introduction. There was no real connection with an introduction and time, but I given a slight extension for showing directness and for making an argument. Another student asked whether they could have additional time to complete the examination, but she elected to turn down him and each and every other student that requested an extension.

The main them that I noticed about the dream was about my inability to complete the examination and the high level of stress the processes created in doing so, knowing that my grade depended on the completing the final examination.

Dreaming about an examination usually refers to relevants concerning failure. An examination can also symbolize that a person is being tested too often in trying to meet the demands and expectations of family, friends, and society in general.

In the dream, I refused to give up and I also felt a sense of urgency to complete the examination. My stress increased as the time continued to tick away. The time sensitive concern targeted my concerns of reaching a goal in an given timeframe. Now I know that I'm thinking too much about accomplishing my dream of being a film writer that it's putting alot of pressure on me. Family, friends, and other people don't see why I keep trying for something that is not likely to happen, instead they belief it is time to abandon the 15 year goal to live an average life.

The examination represented the goal itself while the time refered to my concern about reaching the goal because of outside influences that are pressuring me to choose between more realistic goals. The instructor conflict demonstrated that others control whether I succeed or not. The "others" refer to the film industry executives. When I refused to give up that responded to my drive and motivaton to become successful.

After failing to win a recent screenwriting contest, I started to question my writing talents. My mother recently suggested that I look for another line of work because I have too much bad luck. In my relationship, she doesn't see the immediate results and fail to look at the long-term achievements. Last week I had a dream about a clogged up toilet that started to flood the entire room. Dreaming about a toilet being clogged up refers to expressing emotions.

Recently, I have been having more dreams that are confronting the pressures that I feel with excessive freelance writing work and my inability to accomplish my film writing dream. I feel that I'm battling time, lack of support, and other conflict that is holding me back from becoming a film writer. We'll see what dreams follow thereafter. The neverending examination is like my neverending writing dream that seems to lose luster as time continues press on. Hopefully I find that big break soon. Pay attention to your dreams. They all have meanings and can help to be a better person.

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