Monday, June 22, 2009

California Smog Policy

California recently changed their vehicle smog policy. In the past, DMW would offer extensions. Now they only allow a 60 day extension from the expiration date. There is also a catch to the extension. DMW charges $50 for a two month extension. What happens after the 60 day extension passes? Well, that is what I'm currently experiencing at this exact moment. 

Each morning, I have to visit DMW to get a 1 day pass. DMW is going to be a morning ritual until I find a way to fix the catalytic converter - the cost is $600-700. Some days I have to take chances due to driving with a March 2009 sticker. I paid the vehicle registration fees on time, but have can't receive the new sticker until I pass the smog. What makes it worse is the fact that the car engine light is the main reason I can't pass the smog. 

Though my car passes on all air pollution tests, the engine light causes me to fail the visual inspection. In changing the smog policy, I have to worry about whether I will receive a registration ticket. After 6 months, the authorities have a right to tow your vehicle. Hopefully I can resolve the matter before then. I have another vehicle that is also causing me smog issues. 

In the past six months, my Honda has been parked. The sticker expired September 2008. I paid the fees on time, but the engine light also kept me from getting a smog. Since car was parked, the back tire lost air. The battery went dead. In order to pass the smog, the car will need one of those expensive tune-ups. Between the two vehicles, I have my hands full. 

The main reason I can't sell the car is because I'm still paying on them. I am required to have full coverage insurance with a $500 deductible on each vehicle. Imagine paying $800 for insurance on a car that you haven't driven in almost a year. 

When my Acura Integra was first stolen, the engine fell apart. The car wasn't driven for over a year. I had to pay full coverage insurance on the vehicle. California's smog policy is forcing me to drive on the edge. The only other way to get a smog is to file for state assistance, which helps residents in need of help. Type California Smog Assistance in Google. 

California has various program; they have one that allows a person to donate a car for $1000. This assistance is for vehicles that are not worth fixing. The State will only allow a resident to  use this program 2 times per year. It really depends on how much funding is available. 

If you have a smog problem, try to reverse the policy. Many residents are struggling to pass a smog and don't have the financial assistance to conduct repairs. 

In a few months, going to DMW every single day will be played out like a pair of bell bottoms. California's smog policy has made it tough for people that don't have passing vehicles, especially for those families that are struggling to make a living.   

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